Fri, Dec 16, 2011



My Ultimate Rotator has received a major upgrade.

Free members can still rotate 7 sites

commissions changed from 10% to 20%

Several new rotators for upgraded members.

Login to your account now or join for your

best opportunity to simplify your advertising efforts

and earn!

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Isn’t it time?

Sun, Jul 12, 2009


Isn’t it time?

When’s the last time you have logged into your account? Have you noticed the new rotators in place? Did you notice the new optin page that was available? Isn’t it time you started utilizing this great service to simplify your advertising efforts?

We have added new tools to increase your exposure on the internet. With more than 10 rotators already in place, we are easily your Ultimate Rotator!

Utilize the service we have created for you, and we guarantee your advertising will be simplified, more productive, and less costly!

We encourage you to upgrade… not because we want your money, but we want to see you succeed. There are several great tools available only to upgraded members. We charge a fee to use these tools, because many are state of the art advertising and tracking tools not available for any price, anywhere else on the internet! The viral marketing of your rotator is worth the price of your upgrade alone! If your not sure what I am referring to… look here…

We also pay hefty commissions, helping you to defer the cost of your membership… if you are an Ultimate Member, and have 2 Ultimate Members in your downline… your Ultimate tools are free!

Take the time to review your members area to see what is available to you. Not only are Keith and I the owners, we are members. We utilize the system, just like you… and we see the results of our simplified efforts!

DA & J.O.E.
My Ultimate Rotator
My Ultimate Rotator Blog

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Just Keeps Getting Better!

Tue, Feb 3, 2009


Hi All,

Just a quick post to let you knpw of a couple new features in place…

We’ve had many of you request seperate rotators for your banners and text links. Those are now in place in your members area. If you look under My Banners and My Text Links, you will see the rotator code to add to your site. Just another nice benefit for upgraded members.

We have added a cool new promotional tool. It is a motivational, inspiritational quote box that rotates through more than 50 famous quotes. This quote box contains your MUR affiliate url… a great way to add content to your site, and gain new referrals in MUR. You can find it under Affiliate/Promote in your members area. You can see an example to the right of this page in the sidebar…

More coming soon!

DA and J.O.E.

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Growth Continues

Wed, Jan 21, 2009


Growth Continues

My Ultimate Rotator

As we continue to grow, we encourage your feedback. We have heard from many of you, and have implemented some of the suggestions we have received. I’ll go over some of those here today. We are also working on new ways you can simplify your advertising campaigns.

First, we are continually tweaking the sales page. As we continue to use the same tracking tools available to you, we are able to see what is working better. We will be doing the same to the OTO over the next few weeks.

We have added 2 different banner rotators. The first will rotate the banners that you have uploaded here at My Ultimate Rotator. Obviously this rotator is for upgraded members. You just use a small snippet of code on your site to rotate the banners. The 2nd is a banner rotator that will cycle through the My Ultimate Rotator promotion banners.

We have added a rotator for the promotional splash pages for My Ultimate Rotator. Use this one url to advertise your affiliate link via the top performing splash pages. It’s a great way to gain new referrals.

We improved the navigation in the promotions area. The page was getting rather long, so we made it easier to navigate with buttons to each resource at the top of the page.

We still have a few tricks up our sleeve as we strive to make My Ultimate Rotator the one source to simplify your advertising efforts.

Login today and make sure you are utilizing all the tools we have made available to you.

My Ultimate Rotator…Simplify Your Advertising Campaigns!
Organize! Advertise! Track! Get Paid!

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Viral Traffic

Thu, Jan 8, 2009


One of the overlooked benefits of My Ultimate Rotator is the viral traffic that can be achieved. Free members are allowed to add 7 web sites. The banners and text links on free members rotators are that of the nearest Ultimate Member in their upline.

The best way to explain is to give an example…

I am an Ultimate Member, and have 30 members in my downline. Twenty of those members have not upgraded, and have a free account. Each of those 20 free members, have 3 free members they have referred.

Now, I have 20 web sites in my rotator, and have had 1000 page views at each of those sites, so I have had a total of 20,000 page views. I have 5 banners in rotation… but each of those banners have had 10,000 views each and the text links I have had been viewed 50,000 times… how is that possible with only 20,000 page views?

As an Ultimate Member, your banners and text links are shown on all you free members rotators, and on all their free referrals rotators, etc. to an infinite level. The only way a viral leg can be broken, is if a member of that leg upgrades their account. So it will be quite easy for an Ultimate Member to have 100′s of 1000′s impressions af their banners and text links in a single month… talk about Simplified Viral Advertising!

Now, put a MUR Tracker on those links, and you can suddenly see where all those impressions are coming from, and which sources your free members advertising is the most effective for you!

My Ultimate Rotator
Simplify Your Advertising Campaigns!

DA and JOE

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December Commissions Paid

Thu, Jan 1, 2009


December commissions have been paid. Congratulations to those that earned during our first month. They have all been paid via PayPal. Keep up the great work. We look forward to paying out even more next month.

DA and J.O.E.

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New: Tracking

Tue, Dec 30, 2008


We have just added some new tracking tools for upgraded members to utilize at My Ultimate Rotator. Not only will upgraded members be able to track the sites, banners, and text links in their rotator, but any site or program they choose. Tracking is not limited to just hits either… it includes, clicks, referring url, browser, date and time, gives ROI by cost per sale and cost per click, split testing, and much more.

Login and browse the new feature! Its awesome!!

What not an upgraded member? Its quick, easy and inexpensive for the tools you will get… not even a member? Just sign up for free, and start

Simplifying Your Advertising Campaigns for 2009!

DA and Keith

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More Ultimate…

Wed, Dec 24, 2008


My Ultimate Rotator now utilizes 7 different rotators! If you have logged in recently, you will notice the first new rotator. Its a ‘Tips’ Box that will give you some quick hints on operations in your members area. Each time the page is refreshed, a new tip will appear. We will utilize help desk, and blog questions to continue to populate the Tip Rotator.

The next new rotator, is found under your affiliate button. We call these Member Login Specials. These will be helpful free programs that you can use, and also ebooks and software that can be purchased.

Now, whats neat about the purchased material, is you will earn commission on any purchase made by your downline! The commission paid will be equal to that of your membership type… Free 10%, Pro 25%, and Ultimate 50%. This will help increase your total monthly commissions, and allow members to aquire quality products at a ‘Members Only’ price.

We have also added a rotator in the recommended resources page, and the logout page. We will soon be allowing members to add resources to these rotators, so keep your eyes open. Affiliate links will be allowed, and it will be on a first come, first serve basis… we will be picky about the programs allowed, and their will be a cost to list them… Ultimate members may be able to submit for free… we will see. When that is available, the link under the service rotator will be activated.

We have added a promo banner rotator. You can now add one line of code to your site, and rotate all the MUR promotional banners. Next in the promo area will be rotating text links.

We have a few other rotators we will be adding, including banner and text with your links, and will soon have available rotators that you can pull away from MUR and add to your own site. Its all in an effort to make My Ultimate Rotator the most awesome rotator service on the internet. We will stop at nothing short of your success!


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Please Treat As Your Own!

Thu, Dec 18, 2008


You may have noticed your account has a site in it that has been suspended! We have had some problems with members putting crap into their rotator. Sorry for the harsh words, but this will not be tolerated. In order for this system to be effective, we need to work closely with traffic exchange owners and other advertising sites and make sure there job isn’t becoming tougher because of us.

Keith and I spent too much time creating this site for a few bad apples to come along and spoil it for everyone. Starting today, a few rules have been put into place. We are working to refine our site checker, but ultimately it is your responsibility to adhere to the rules.

-No More than one Popup or Popunder That is not each but either! The one allowed cannot be Alerts, Confirmations, Prompts, Help Desk Popups, or Live Agents
– Any Frame Breaking Code
- Adult Content Sites (Gambling, Sex, Etc. This includes images and links.)
- A site that contains Zero Dimension or Excessive (more than 3) Iframes
-Site Content Must Be In English
- Can Not Prompt to download any files
- Illegal Content (anything illegal in the USA)
- Ads that move around the screen
- Paid To Promote websites
- Any content or scripting that causes problems while surfing

For now we are screening Paid To Read Sites, but they are truly on the border line. Keith and I went through the sites last night and found a couple that were ok, though I am not convinced that will be the case tomorrow. As of right now we are merely suspending the sites. If you continue to add sites that break the rules and terms of service, your account will be canceled. There will be no refunds if you are upgraded, and any and all commissions due will be forfeited.

My Ultimate Rotator is a great way to get your advertising seen with little effort, and a wonderful opportunity to build your list. We have plans to add other products and services throughout the site that will increase your opportunity for commissions. Use the site properly, and it can benefit you tremendously. Don’t abuse it.

If you come across an exchange that does not approve the rotator in rotation, please send in a support ticket. I will talk to the owner about getting it approved. We have already been white listed in several exchanges, and in order to have more approvals, it is essential we stick to the terms of service for adding sites.

On a lighter note, we have added a second OTO which you should see when you login. Its for a yearly Pro Upgrade which gives you some great benefits, but is almost half the price of the Ultimate upgrade. As I said above, we will also be adding some other commission possibilities inside of the members area.

Did You Know…

If you are an Ultimate upgraded member, your account has a built-in, seriously viral twist? You can read about it in the post prior to this one… its almost better than the commissions!

DA and J.O.E.

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The Real Power Of My Ultimate Rotator

Wed, Dec 17, 2008


The Real Power Of My Ultimate Rotator

My Ultimate Rotator may appear similar to other rotators you have seen or used. A rotator rotates url’s (webpages) and, sometimes, banners. My Ultimate Rotator shows webpages, banners, & text links – all from one url/link. It also helps you make money and build your personal list by embedding your affiliate link in the Logo at the top left of the page. When someone clicks the “Join Here” graphic they are added to YOUR downline and their contact information is added to YOUR referrals page. You can email your referrals directly from that page! That, by itself, would be enough to make this a winner – but we didn’t stop there – read on.

Free members can earn 10% commissions on sales & upgrades by simply using their rotator on all of the Traffic Exchanges they belong to! You don’t need to do anything extra, or anything special, just USE it. You may, of course, recommend it to your friends and gain referrals and/or commissions that way. That’s up to you.

The REAL power of My Ultimate Rotator begins when you upgrade and then refer more members. The level of upgrade you choose should be determined by how many webpages, banners, & links you will want to advertise combined with how much money you want to make. Whichever upgraded level you choose, the viral effect is exactly the same – AWESOME!

Read Carefully! This is the part nobody has figured out yet. Every member you refer is going to multiply your efforts exponentially. If the member upgrades, you will make residual money (25% to 50%) depending on your upgrade. If your referral does not upgrade, but continues to use My Ultimate Rotator to show his/her webpages, YOUR banners & Text Links will be shown on your referrals page. Now that’s pretty good, but it’s just the beginning.

What we mean by Ultimately Viral

The secret to this viral explosion is that there is NO limit to the amount of traffic you can gain. Let’s look at this simplified example:

YOU join and upgrade your account to Ultimate.
After adding all your webpages, banners, and text links to your account you then place your new MUR rotator on 10 traffic Exchanges. You now need only advertise this one link to show ALL your ads so you assign 100 credits to the MUR url.

After a few days you check your MUR account and see that you have 10 referrals listed on your affiliate/referrals page! Next to each referral is a small envelope graphic. You can email each referral by clicking the graphic.

Moving on to the affiliate/commissions page you see that one of your referrals has purchased a Pro membership, earning you a commission of $4.00, and one member has purchased the Ultimate One Time Offer – which earns you a huge $62.50 commission!

Yeah, you’re excited by now, but decide to check your traffic stats anyway. When you visit the My Sites page you see about what you expect. Each page has been viewed about 40 times. That’s because you had 25 webpages in rotation and a total of 1000 credits assigned to show them. (10 traffic exchanges x 100 credits each). When you check your banners you receive a pleasant surprise! Your 25 banners haven’t been shown 40 times each, they’ve been shown over 800 times each! Many of them have click thru’s listed! The same is true of your text links!

Here’s the key to our viral system! YOUR banners and text links will be shown on all of your free referrals pages, and their free referrals pages, and THEIR free referrals pages, etc. etc. etc. without limit!

The only way you will not get more and more free viral traffic for each and every referral in your downline – no matter whether it’s you or one of your free referrals who does the referring, however deep it goes – is when a free member upgrades. This could go to 50 levels, 100 levels, or 1000 levels, or more! YOUR banners and Text Links will be shown on all free referrals pages in your downline! (more…)

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